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Monday, October 16, 2006

Time and Power

For Sunday Scribblings:


There are at least 64 definitions involving TIME, according to dictionary.com

“Freezing Time” is not one of them.

What would I do if I could “freeze time”?

• I would freeze in time the look that my husband had in his eyes on our wedding day.
• I would freeze in time the feelings of excitement when I saw the positive results of my pregnancy tests.
• I would freeze in time the last kicks I felt before giving birth.
• I would freeze forever the moment I first held each of my children. And the first time they crawled, and walked, and talked. And each of their firsts yet to come.
• I would freeze time to preserve the last moments I spent with each of my grandfathers.

It turns out that I DO have the power to freeze time. I freeze it with photographs. I freeze it in my memories. I freeze it in my heart.

I am not defined by a single moment in time, but by the passage of all the moments in my life. I hope to fill each moment with “times” worth remembering.


What super power would I want? My son is 4 years old and VERY into super heroes. He *is* Batman. When he asked me which super hero I want to be, my first thought was Plastic Man.

According to wikipedia, Plastic Man has the following abilities:
• Can stretch and shape his highly resilient body into any shape he can imagine, even ones with moving parts.
• Immune to telepathy.
• Possible immortality.
• Can stretch his limbs and body to superhuman lengths and sizes, with flexibility and coordination extraordinarily beyond the natural limits of the human body.
• Can contort into various positions and sizes such as entirely flat so that he can slip under a door or use his fingers to pick conventional locks.
• Can disguise himself by changing the shape of his face.
• No known limit to how far he can stretch his body.
• The only limitation he has relates to color, which he cannot change without intense concentration.

I wonder if this wish to be “plastic” is my sub-conscience trying to tell me that I’m stretched too thinly? Mommy guilt for being a full time worker? My insane obsession with being fat? Desire for achievement and greatness? Who knows? Who really cares?
Plastic Man is cool.


  • Interesting psychoanalyzation of your plastic man choice! His powers do seem really cool.

    By Blogger Bug, at 10/17/2006 6:46 PM  

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